Tyree Jones, (owner and operator of Family Ty’s Catering), never thought he would have a career in the food industry. Cooking was always a passion for Ty, but never did he think

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Welcome to

Island Cafe

Welcome to Island Cafe where we strive to serve the freshest and most delicious food out there. We offer traditional Caribbean food. All of our products are cooked fresh each daily.



*Daily items Vary. Please contact us to check availability .

  • Jerk Chicken

    Boneless chicken seasoned and marinated with homemade jerk sauce, grilled and served with white rice or rice and peas, vegetables and plantains.

  • Curry Chicken

    Boneless chicken marinated and cooked in Jamaican curry sauce served with white rice and peas, vegetables and plantains.

  • Curry Roti

    Roti stuffed with curry chicken. 

  • Jerk Taco Boat

    Soft shell taco boat layered with white rice, jerk chicken, lettuce and topped with homemade pineapple salsa.  

  • Jerk Chicken Wrap

    Jerk Chicken topped with lettuce, cheese and homemade pineapple salsa wrapped in a soft flour tortilla wrap.

  • Oxtail

    Tender, seasoned oxtail served with white rice or rice and peas, vegetables and plantains

  • Curry Vegetables

    Vegetable sauted in curry sauce and served with white rice and plantains.

  • Stir-fry Vegetables

  • Fried Plantains

  • Collard Greens

Curry Chicken
Curry Vegetables
Aloo Pie Stuffed With Jerk Chicken